Live Phone Answering

Live Phone Answering

If you run a business then you know how important phone calls are. Whether you are taking orders over the phone or helping customers with their needs, it can become incredibly time-consuming. Luckily in the modern age, there are solutions to virtually every problem.

Live phone answering services provide the ability to use a real person to answer calls. Typically this would be an outsourced person or team working from a virtual office. Some might think that this is an automated system, but this is completely different. Automated systems are often used as a precursor to speaking to a live person, but a live answering service can be used during non-business hours.

How Does a Live Phone Answering Service Work?

Live answering services may include services such as answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, and even full virtual receptionist services. They may be able to ask screening questions and provide customer service support. Instead of speaking to a robot, your customers can speak to a real person.

Why Companies Are Choosing to use a Live Phone Answering Service

Many companies are starting to use a live phone answering service so they can spend less time on the phone and more time reaching their goals. Live phone answering services have benefited thousands of businesses across the nation. Here is how a phone answering service could help your business.

Call Screening

When you have a live phone answering service your calls will be screened before you answer them. This means you will have an appointment set up, your client will have been briefed, and they will be ready to talk to you before you even get on the phone.

Great Customer Service

If you are a one-person show it can be impossible to give your customers everything that they need. This is why using a live phone answering service can be helpful. These services ensure that you can give great customer service to all of your customers regardless of if you are available or not.

More Calls Answered

Everyone needs a break sometimes. You cannot be on your phone all hours of the day. This is why using a live answering service is so helpful. Whether you are at lunch, on vacation, or sleeping, live answering services allow you to take time away from your phone without missing calls. This means your business is available on holidays and weekends, and your business never needs to close.


If you need someone to answer calls all the time you can hire a live answering service for that, but you also have the option to choose one with less activity. For example, you may only need to use an answering service when you are on the phone or when your receptionist is busy. It gives you the flexibility to choose what you need, and when you need it.

Appointment scheduling

Appointment scheduling is time-consuming. If you have a business that heavily relies on appointments then this service is perfect for you. Rather than answer every single call and keep track of them, you can hire a professional live phone answering service to take care of that for you. You will never miss an appointment or make a mistake again.

Build Customer Confidence

Using a live answering service allows you to build confidence with your customers. They will be able to count on you for stellar service and know that you are available more than other companies.

Disadvantages of a live phone answering service

In some cases, there can be disadvantages to using a live phone answering service. When you add a service to your business it is going to cost you. If you are already dealing with high overhead or have a small budget this may not be something you can squeeze in.

You may find that the person you hire is not that knowledgeable about your company right off the bat. This means that you will need to train this person to ensure they can answer customer questions properly. This might prove to be less efficient than you would have hoped.

Is a Live Phone answering service right for your business?

As a large business, you may be overwhelmed with requests and customers. This service can provide you with help from an assistant-type figure, without actually paying for someone to sit in your office space all day.

If you run a smaller business but are growing rapidly, using a live phone answering service might be an incredible option to add. Additionally, if you are searching for more of a work-life balance, this can provide that opportunity to step back. Especially as a one person business, adding an additional person to help out with tasks is helpful.

These services also provide a professional look and feel which brings strength to your brand and may help you obtain new clients. Overall, it gives a good first impression and can lead to growth, less stress, and aid in running a more reliable business.