1. Separate Business Phone vs Business Phone App

Separate Business Phone vs Business Phone App

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May 17th, 2023

Open the article by talking about why you need to have a separate phone number for your business regardless of whether it’s through a phone app or getting a separate phone.

The world has changed and whether you have a separate phone, or a phone app, it is essential that businesses have a phone line. You cannot afford to be out of touch with your customers, but you also cannot be forced to share your private line with the world.

Instead of sacrificing your privacy, the better option is to get a second line for your business. If you aren’t interested in putting two phones in your pocket, there is a solution. Technology now allows for business phone apps. These are apps that can be accessed from any device, without an extra device, and without revealing your private number.

What is a Business Phone App?

When you install a business phone app, you are given a new phone number. This number can be called like any other number, but instead of ringing a phone, it forwards the calls to your current phone. You will never need to purchase a new device. Instead you purchase the number and ability to make calls from that number through the app.

Benefits of Using a Business Phone App Service

Business phone app services give business owners a lot more flexibility. Here are a few of the many benefits of using a business phone app service compared to getting a separate phone.


One of the biggest benefits of a business phone app service is that you can have an attendant that answers your calls for you. This can be sent up as one attendant for different departments if you have a large business, or you can have one attendant for everything. Rather than pay for a receptionist, your attendant will help you save money and avoid answering robo-calls.

Virtual Phone Number

Instead of having a real physical business phone, you are given a virtual phone number to use within your business app. This allows you to have a separate phone number that ends up in the same location as your personal phone. You will not need to give out your personal number which keeps your privacy protected. It also allows you to speak to anyone from any of your devices.

Virtual Receptionist

Paying a receptionist to be on call at all hours of the day is expensive. You can set up a virtual receptionist that is automated, or a live person that answers the phone. This person can be outsourced and save a lot based on the location they live in. This helps increase customer satisfaction.

Desktop App

You can utilize your computer to make calls should you wish to use a laptop or computer at a desk. This is a great option because you can go about your workday and have calls pop up on the screen to avoid missing calls from your phone.

Why Some Business Owners Choose to Use a Separate Phone

In some cases, you might choose to use a separate business phone for your work line. This can be beneficial if you want to be able to avoid work and spend time with your family. It facilitates a true work-life balance. If you have both of your lines on the same phone, turning work “off” might prove difficult.

Using a Business Phone App vs Getting a Separate Phone for Your Business

Using a business phone app means you have the opportunity to answer your business calls from anywhere. Having a separate business phone can be a bit more limiting in that you will need to bring a second phone with you, and may not be able to answer from devices such as your computer or cell phone.

You will also spend a lot more money when purchasing a second phone for your business. Typically an app will allow you to make low-cost calls and even text or messages from the business app number. In general, you get more flexibility, for a lower price with a business phone app.

What to Look for in a Business Phone App

When looking for a virtual business phone app you should look for a few specific qualities. First off, you want to ensure that you can use it with your mobile phone, laptop, desk phone, or another device of your choosing. You should also be sure that you can share one number with multiple users if you have employees. This could prove important for your assistant to answer your number, or if you want to use it as an office line.

Another important feature in a business phone app is call forwarding, routing, and waiting. You want to ensure that if you are on the other line you can still answer your call or have them routed to the right location. The same can be said about setting vacation responses, and business hours. This should be easily managed through the app.

Finally, you need to be able to easily access voice messages, and features like text messaging, or call to email transcription. This will make your life easier and make business handlings more effective. All of this should be at a low monthly or annual price and include well-priced local and international phone calls depending on your package.

What to Look for in a Separate Business Phone

If you decide to purchase a separate business phone you should look for a few key features:

  • Custom voicemail greeting
  • Call forwarding
  • Ability to scale and add more phones as you grow
  • Landline as a backup option in case the power goes out
  • Ability to have a receptionist answer the phone or other employees

Separate Business Phone vs Business Phone App: Which is Best for You?

Overall choosing a business phone app vs separate business phone is going to be your ultimate choice. Despite this, a business phone app is usually the best option. Not only is it a lot cheaper overall, but it provides you more flexibility. Choose to answer when you want to, or turn off the app and forward it to another party when you want to take a break.

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