1. Mail Forwarding / Scanning

Mail Forwarding / Scanning

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May 17th, 2023

Virtual mailboxes are exactly like what it sounds like, it is a digital mailbox service that allows you to view your mail from anywhere. This means that you can access your mail on any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Your virtual mailbox allows you not only to receive and read your mail from anywhere, but you can also forward, pick up, and even shred or discard mail as well as packages. This is because virtual mailboxes are located on a real street address as well as your own box number. It will be managed by real people who provide the service.

What is a Mail Forwarding Service?

Mail forwarding and virtual mail scanning services provide a place for mail and packages to be received. These would go to one address first and then be forwarded to the second address of your choice. If you are going on a long-term vacation, or do not want to give out your address this is a great option.

How Does a Mail Forwarding/Scanning Service Work?

Mail forwarding services work through a digital platform. You can access it through any type of device, such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet. This can be done from your home, or from an island in the south pacific, essentially anywhere with an internet connection.

The steps to obtaining a virtual mail forwarding address are simple.

  • Sign up for a virtual mailbox
  • Select a mailing address
  • The Virtual Mailbox will receive your mail
  • Wait for your mail to be delivered to your second address

Who Should Use a Mail Forwarding Service?

If you are leaving on vacation for a long period of time you may not want to ask someone to pick up your mail, but you also probably do not want to allow it to pile up. Another instance is if you do not want to give out your home address as your mailing address. This is when a mail forwarding service will become helpful. Simply give out your mail forwarding address, and keep your home private.

If you have a second home or live mainly in an RV then it can be difficult to have mail delivered. Mail forwarding services provide that opportunity to function in society with a normal address without actually being at one.

Another reason you might need a mail forwarding address is if you have multiple business locations and want all of your mail sent to one central office.

How Businesses Benefit from Mail Forwarding / Scanning Services

Small and medium sized businesses should all take advantage of mail forwarding and mail scanning services. If you are wondering why you should, here are a few benefits that mail forwarding services offer your business.

Easy Access

Having a virtual mailbox means that you can view your mailbox whenever you need to. You do not need to go to your mailbox in person, which can save you huge amounts of time.

Increase Efficiency

Being able to read your mail before it gets to your home can allow you to be more efficient overall. This means that you can increase business efficiency as well as efficiency for your personal life.

Professional Image

Having a virtual mailbox provides a professional image as compared to a P.O Box because it is a real street address. This can be essential when it comes to having a business because it means you do not require an office space or brick-and-mortar shop to appear professional.

Reduce Junk Mail

When it comes to incoming mail you can view all of it beforehand. This helps you to suppress junk mail and only spend time reviewing important documents.

Mail Forwarding

Virtual mailboxes automatically give you mail forwarding. This means you will save on shipping costs, and be able to reduce the number of package deliveries. You will also be able to review your mail before you have it in your hand.

Maintain a Consistent Address

If you are considering moving your address, or have already, a virtual mailbox may be able to help. They can allow you to maintain the same address regardless of where you live or do business. This provides consistency and a professional image.

Is a Virtual Mailbox Right for You?

Although a virtual mailbox is a helpful tool, it may not be right for everyone. If you own a business that receives high volumes of mail, then you may want to have a virtual mailbox. Especially if you have multiple office locations, centralizing your mail can be extremely beneficial.

If you are someone who wants to have everything in one location regardless of if you are home or on the go, a virtual mailbox might be right for you.

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