Phone Forwarding

Phone Forwarding

Similar to what call forwarding is, phone forwarding is a management feature that allows you to send mobile calls to a different number or vice versa. You might use this feature in order to send your mobile calls to an office line during work hours, or forward your business calls to a cell phone. You could also use this feature to send office calls to an assistant or business manager.

How Does Phone Forwarding Work?

Call forwarding is the act of redirecting your calls to a different number. Your clients and callers will not know that the number has been redirected. It simply lets you answer your calls from a different phone. You can turn your call forwarding off and on. Doing so will activate the forwarding and send your calls to the phone number of your choice.

Different Types of Phone Forwarding:

  • Call Forwarding Always: Continually forwards all calls into the phone line.
  • Call Forwarding Busy: Forwards your calls only when you are on another line and unable to answer.
  • Call Forwarding No Answer: Only forward calls when you do not answer.
  • Call Forwarding Not Reachable: Only forwards calls when your phone is off, or if there is a power loss.
  • Call Forwarding Selective: If you want certain calls to be forwarded only, you can choose selectively to have those calls forwarded.

Why You Should Forward Your Phone Calls for Your Business

If you are a small or medium sized business owner you should be forwarding phone calls for your business because of all the advantages it offers.

Phone Forwarding is More Flexible

Having call forwarding in place allows you to step away from your desk or business rather than being tied to your office all day. This can provide a better work-life balance, and allow you more freedom overall.

You Can Provide Better Customer Service

Having your work number forwarded to your personal phone can allow you to serve customers more efficiently. Whether that is forwarding them to the right department, or having a manager answer the phone at odd hours.

A Business Phone Number looks More Professional

Your clients and customers will never know if you have call forwarding in place. Even if they did, they would most likely appreciate you attempting to serve them more efficiently. Giving customers your personal number would be unprofessional, but forwarding to your cell phone gives the appearance of always being in your place of business to answer their calls.

Less Likely to Miss an Important Call

Now we have both mobile phones and virtual lines, but for years landlines were the only option. Voicemails picked up calls and sometimes important calls were lost. Time is money, and forwarding calls to your mobile phone allows you to avoid missing anything important.

Get Calls While Away from the Office

Your business hours may be outside of the time that someone is able to call you. If you aren't in the office when customers call it may be frustrating, especially for those who work during business hours. Call forwarding allows you to answer calls after business hours once you have stepped away from the office.

What Businesses Benefit the most from Phone Forwarding?

All businesses can benefit from phone forwarding. For a large business that has multiple locations, this can provide a central number of contacts. Another benefit to larger businesses is that you can forward the call to whichever employee is manning the lines that day. Rather than only have one person to answer the phones at all times, you can change who is set to receive the call. This can allow you to have many employees and ensure that your phone is taken care of.

Having phone forwarding can also allow you to open multiple locations in different time zones, or outsource help. In saying this, the same thing can be said for smaller businesses. Being able to outsource help can directly relate to lower overhead costs. This can be great for startups who are looking to keep costs down and start with a virtual office.

Would Your Business Benefit from Phone Forwarding?

If you run a business that needs to speak to customers, then you most likely can benefit from phone forwarding. Phone forwarding is an incredible tool that can provide you the opportunity to connect with your clients, and be there to answer any questions they may have.

If you are an LLC owner, we highly recommend getting a phone forwarding service in place. It makes your company look more professional and gives you the ability to separate work and personal life without having to carry two phones.